We’re looking for essays that live at the intersection of music and culture, and especially those written from a personal perspective. We want to why you love the music you love, why it affects you and shapes your life. All essays should be in the general range of 1500–3000 words.

Below are criteria for our recurring columns, but we also accept essays that don't fit under these headings. Essays should be previously unpublished (this includes personal blogs). If you have not heard a decision from us after three months, feel free to check in. 

Songs/Albums of Our Lives:
Whether it’s focused on a memory, or abstractly connected to an emotion, or woven into an author’s whole life, the “Songs of Our Lives” and “Albums of Our Lives” essays relate the significance a particular song or album has for the author. We rarely publish about a song, album, or artist more than once, so please consider that before submitting.

Sound Takes:
While we want the highly personal, we also love the highly technical. "Sounds Takes” are the collision of both. If you have a knack for telling us why an album deserves a listen, we want to know!