The Rumpus has two reading periods for unsolicited origial poetry: January 1–January 31 and July 1–July 31. Unsolicited poetry can be submitted during those reading periods to our Rumpus Original Poetry category. Please do not submit unsolicited poetry here.

We are interested in entries for our "Last Poem I Loved" and "Last Book of Poems I Loved" series, as well as essays on poetry and poetics. Essays should be 1500–4000 words. Please submit only essays related to poetry and poetics here, along with poetry book reviews. 

Poetry Book Review guidelines:

We look for reviews of collections from a diverse group of poets, working within a variety of aesthetics. Your review should be accessible to a general audience. We're more interested in the reader's experience of the poems, subject matter, arc, and the poet's use of craft than we are in scholarly criticism or theory. We love reviews that address how the collection interacts with poetic tradition, the current landscape of poetry, and that speaks to what the collection brings to our shared discourse as readers, writers, and citizens.

Book reviews should be between 1200–2500 words. Please provide the following information at the top of your review: Title of book, author's name, name of press, publication date, and your name and email address. In your cover letter, please include your contact information and a brief bio that we would use should your review be accepted.

Your review should be single-spaced and paginated. Poem excerpts of more than three lines should be formatted exactly as they appear on the page, and set off in the text of the review. Please include at least 1–2 excerpts of more than three lines. Shorter excerpts should be quoted within the text of the review using quotation marks and virgules ( / ), with one space ahead and behind the virgule to indicate line breaks. There is no need to cite page numbers within the review, but please check excerpts and quotes carefully to ensure they are free of errors and formatted correctly.

We prefer not to publish negative reviews, but but it’s fine to discuss a specific weakness, lack, or question you have related to the collection. Please disclose any relationship you have to the author of the book you’re reviewing if one exists.

To learn more about specific collections we are interested in seeing reviewed and have review copies of, please contact Brian Spears at for book availability.