Ends on January 31, 2019

How long should my submission be?

We want stories that feel complete without padding or showing off or lily-gilding. Sometimes that happens in 1,500 words, sometimes it takes 5,000. Any longer than that is probably not the right fit. Any shorter, and we’re talking about flash fiction, in which case feel free to send two or three flash pieces in the same submission.

Do you accept novel excerpts?

Yes, if it reads as a stand-alone narrative (i.e. needs no introduction, has a beginning, middle, and end, etc.)

Can I submit previously published work?

No. That includes personal blogs and social media pages.

What kind of stories are you looking for?

We are interested in sharp, fresh, original work. We want writing that walks on a wire, questions conventions, conveys a vision. Show us something new, even if the subject matter is old. Challenge our definition of a story. Make language come alive on the page.

Simultaneous submissions?

No problem. But if your story gets accepted elsewhere, please let us know.